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We are an international wholesale telecom operator partnering with multiple Tier 1 telecommunications carriers across Asia, Europe and America. We provide low-cost mobile data roaming rates at wholesale prices and guaranteed mobile signal connection across 4G/LTE/3G networks with our comprehensive range of data roaming plans.

SIM Cards Comparisons For Businesses

SIM Cards Off The Shelf

  • Printed with operators’ branding.
  • No sense of individuality.
  • The troubles of carrying multiple SIM cards for different countries.
  • Having to make do with what’s available.
  • May have to travel out of the way, or queue to get a local SIM card.
  • Short expiry dates.
  • Tough to keep track of data.
  • May not be budget friendly.
  • Bought off the shelf from other suppliers.
  • High cash outlay upfront.

Roaming Data Plan

WeFly Roaming Data Plan offers you fixed rate at $3/Day for 10 countries.

• China • Malaysia • Macau • Japan • Korea • Thailand • Australia • Hongkong • Taiwan • Singapore

The SIM-plest Business Plan For Channel and Travel Agencies.

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